Saturday, July 21, 2007

the mystery of john cusack's appeal

Yes, it's annoying that I can't place it entirely. It's NOT because he looks cute. It's a little because of his intelligence. A lot because despite being a guy he talks a lot.( Thank God for that little study that claims that men talk as much if not more than women.) A little bit because he likes midnight phone conversations. Any man who's willing to stay glued to his phone for more than 2 hours matching repartee for repartee can't be all that bad.
And he looks like the guy who'd be very interested in making something work. Most of his roles are about the guy in checked shirts who's quite cool in an 'alternative' sense who almost got the girl. He's the Jeaneane Garofalo of romance. And therefore more attainable. Yet worth pursuing when you've figured out that the sexy scowling professional salsa dancer is interested more in crack than human beings.


unforgiven said...

How the hell is Jeaneane Garofalo, 'attainable'?

Or more so than any other celebrity out there? Considering that she actually has a brain in her head, unlike some of the 'hot models', I'd imagine that would make her even more desirable plus harder to get.

Beth said...

Love the talking! Sigh. I looked at imdb's entry for John Cusack recently and realized how many of his recent movies I haven't seen. Time to start renting!