Sunday, November 18, 2007

Old enough to vote, elope, yet not old enough to drink

"One peach margarita."
"Hum to under-25 elcohole dete hi nahin hain madam", says the waiter in his ill fitting sombrero.
This was that moment-of-truth thing, the event that I always expected would happen but hadn't yet, and there it was.(Where I don't look old enough to buy a drink - that event)
My friend, being a non-drinking, under-25 spectator(and a smart ass) quips and joins in, "Yes very good, I'm very happy you check all these things."
So I whipped out my PAN card for age proof(Yea, I should not keep it in my wallet at all points of time) and the sombrero guy disappeared with it into one corner with 4 other jobless waiters.
Thank god there's a decent picture of me on it,I thought, unlike my driving license where I look like I have been kidnapped by the Shompen tribe of the Andamans and fed on coconuts.
"I don't look that young do I?" I asked my friend, hoping that the question only begged a flattering answer, hoping to salvage some pride.
"I think it's got to do more with the height", he says.
"O cmon, I'm not that short."
"You're strikingly short."
Not strikingly beautiful, or strikingly stunning. Strikingly short.
Come to think of it, I don't like that word 'strikingly'.
Sombrero guy returns sheepishly. "Anything else ma'm?"
A free drink, I want to say. Some more 'elcohole' to drown my strikingly short frame.

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PRASHANTH.P said... seem to writing not often these days...missing your writing.