Friday, May 18, 2007

me, ocd and the art of peeing in public toilets across india

It takes a lot of heart to venture into one of those shady places especially if you're suffering from you have to learn a few things about this whole exercise
1. try holding you know..if you can
2. don't try 1. if you don't have practice
3. carry lots of tissues and paper soap
4. learn how to squat by doing yoga or bharatanatyam or just learn it by not being such a dope
5. acquire peripheral vision..know where things are and yet ignore details..this will save you a lot of trauma
6. learn how to meditate..this is to generally acquire patience to endure this whole exercise
7. learn to be imaginative..this will come in handy when you have to pretend you're in a flower garden that smells like lavender
8. learn how to smile through your frowns..else insist that's how you smile..with a frown..this will be useful at the end of the exercise
9. practise acquiring selective amnesia... this will help you forget the whole thing

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