Friday, May 18, 2007

wedding season

so suddenly everyone i know is either getting married or in the process..and i found myself attending two of them weilding saris..btw i'm getting better at maneovering them. Two diametrically opposite weddings in every sense; one a catholic wedding replete with dancing and frolic and the other a traditional andhra wedding with bling and jasmine and silk sarees and a thousand rituals.
The hectic travelling trip was marked by lots of hills, some dogs(no friendly mountain dogs yet..sigh), good weather, bad weather, my first airplane trip(yea i know i'm 25), a bout of loozies, a lot of activity, a lot of hiking, a lot of photography(courtesy sonali), weddings (of course), dancing in a sari (quite a task), water bodies(kamlesh where art thou!), greenery, rain, mist and strawberries, mulberries and dirt, darkness, peace, changing relationships, travel friends, chilling( i know a whole list of things now that comprise chilling), rains in the hills, the sounds of a bullet in the narrow lanes, gates which lead to nowhere and guard kilometres of weed, winding paths, monkeys(including sonali and rehan!), sun tan, travelling by trains, comparisons of the bombay local and the delhi metro, cycles, hookkas and tikkas, horse-poop, dinner by the moonlight and lots of nameless people who shared the journey with us.

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