Monday, May 28, 2007

men, women and the sense of direction

Ok, I'm petrified of writing long posts. So apologies for the previous one.
But now I thought I must speak and give credit where it is due. Men seem to be blessed with that really helpful keen sense of direction, that some women (me and my friend) lack entirely. So there we were, trying to find the parking lot first(and then the car), and you know those sprawling parking lots, that stretch on both sides of a movie theater, I mean that's kind of confusing, don't you think? Finding the right parking lot was a challenge too, brought back memories of the other time a couple of years ago, where we'd lost our way in the parking lot (we were a little tipsy then). So it seemed karmic, that we must lose our way again in a parking lot.
And there comes the strapping young man to our rescue, just a phone call away. Of course what doesn't hurt is that he's an IITian and a techno-financial brain. He just turned left, right and a bit more and we followed him like two blind mice and viola! there's the car. As he muttered under his breath never to let his future wife drive, we reassured him that his future wife/girlfriend would never call and say "Honey, I don't know where I am. I'm kinda lost. Can you come and fetch me?" Of course he kept shaking his head. He wouldn't be convinced, I can't see why.


unforgiven said...

Sense of direction isn't that bad in women. Well, okay maybe it is but at least they drive well! Well, umm, okay at least they're good company when you drive? You know, the types that don't bother you with constant chattering and always warn you about street signs they see? Oh wait..

Forget it, I give up.

bangalore said...

Thanks for pointing out the various ways in which women contribute to your happiness. :-)

unforgiven said...

Oh anytime. If they keep contributing this much to my happiness I think there may come a time that swinging the other way may not seem that bad an idea..

Well, no that'll never happen but you get the picture :)