Saturday, April 28, 2007

the single most important resource for the single woman

It's not pepper spray. It's not self defence lessons. It's not contraceptives. It's a small book called "He's just not that into you." I know it came out like a long time ago. But I recently rediscovered this little gem that promises to set single women free(from the typical inscrutable male, 28, single). So there's no more misunderstanding signals or wondering if he's really so busy putting paper clips to paper that he can't dial a number or whether 'i'll call you' means you should call. If you're a guy reading this and wondering whether even smart, successful, independent women who run businesses and give birth to septuplets could be so obsessive, well yea...Therefore if you know any of your women friends who're agonising no end over some weak signals from a particular mars-inhabitant, gift them this book. It will set them free.

p.s. I do read other good books.

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unforgiven said...

Women do get obsessed less often, but when they do, oh God, no one can accuse them of not making up for the lost times.