Wednesday, September 5, 2007

don't mess with retired old men

Yes. Especially if they like correspondence. And if they've worked in the banking industry for 25 years. And if you happen to be a bank.

My dad is famous for drawing moustaches on pictures(women, men), and writing notes to me signed "Yours affectionately, Suresh Babu", cracking jokes and laughing till he tears up, but lately he's also getting quite a reputation with the consumer courts, the telephone industry(read MTNL), the banks(South Indian Bank and Bank of India) for following up with the most comprehensive paperwork and persistence. And their paying big time for their shoddy service. Not monetarily, atleast not yet.

He loves corresponding. (I can't explain weirdness. It runs in my family.) The CEOs are often surprised to get a copy of the complaint with immaculate proof of mismanagement. If this was the US, he'd be winning us enough compensation by suing everyone to make me a millionaire.

So I don't know which industry he's taken upon himself to clean up. But whatever that is, they'd better be wary of a small old, really really cute gentleman with a lot of energy, and armed with a pen.


Anirudh Goswami said...

That's cool. I really appreciate his spirit. In fact, I'm about to file a case against one of the top banks at the MRTP against the recovery mechanism used by them to recover loans or credit card payments. Also the complaint will be against the hidden costs and unexplained interest rates that they levy on consumers. What kind of issues is uncle dealing with, regarding banks? please tell me coz i could correspond with him for any newspaper articles which usually provide the latest judgements, etc given by the courts to the banks.
And how are u?


bangalore said...

hey really nice to hear from you. I'm well thank you. Read the review of your band's performance. Going good for you, I'm really glad.
My dad's email id is You should definitely correspond with him. He loves it. :-)

Pitu said...

Haha your dad sounds awesome!

P.S. Dropped over from Ramsu's blog.