Wednesday, September 5, 2007

janmashtami in delhi

We (the women of the family) set out to visit all the little nooks and crannies around the locality where Janmashtami is celebrated in full fervor. There were children and dogs, cows and grannies, coy girls dressed up and walking in bunches, rickshaws and pedestrians, and noisy hawkers. At each little nook, there were children dressed up as krishna and radha, or shiva. Most of them were busy eating cheetos or other such snacks unheard of at the time of krishna's birth. As their parents continued to indulge their whims by supplying them coke and chips, they'd smile benevolently at the visitors. Other former brats were on their best behavior serving prasad. After we collected little paper packets of prasad, we were on our way to the temple. (And my sister noticed, Ganesha's idol was wearing a skirt similar to the ones the godesses wore). Somebody had misplaced their wallet. And as I left the temple, I noticed to my amusement that my slippers were missing too. It's reassuring when some things remain the same.

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