Sunday, September 16, 2007

the end of an era

My best friend is getting married. And I can't believe that I'm losing her. To a BOY. So this is how it'd usually be between us. And they're snippets from different times. So they won't completely make sense.

Me: I can't believe he's behaving like this again. Why's he so unpredictable?
Her: I can't believe my boss is such an ass.
Me: I need to run away from home. My folks are asking me to meet some guy from the U.S.
Her: Why does he not respect me?
Me: I can't manage more than 3.0 in this term. I think I'll always be average.
Her: You're the one who's turning him into a psycho.
Me: And how? Why do you judge me so much?
Her: Why do you say I judge you? I just finish sentences for others.
Me: I'm just getting this thing about driving.
Her: It's like a life philosophy. The way you are, is the way you drive.
Me: ( my head)

Her(at ISB): Why is this place all about grades?
Me(in real world): Noone's going to care about your grades, including you, after this year. I assure you.
Me(at ISB): Why is this place all about grades?
Her(in real world):Noone's going to care about your grades, including you, after this year. I assure you.

Me: I can't believe you're getting married.
Her: I know. Marry me(in yelping tones). I can't live in a boy's house.
Her: I hope our husbands get along. So please don't marry ABC, or DEF. I don't know why you like such weak men who won't stand up for you.
Me: I think I'll have to join a sisterhood.


unforgiven said...

Shit happens.
We losoe even those that we weren't supposed to, let alone the ones that we were.

You'll survive, I am sure.

Sid B said...

There's this movie scene I remember where the main heroine is getting married and she's crying in front of someone (maybe her friends / mom) and says "I don't want to get married to a boy... Boo hoo hoo..."

It was ultra cute... :)

Vidya Venkat said...

:( Thought you talked about me from the title! But figured out it was her...

bangalore said...'re one of the three most important women friends i have (and hopefully will have always) get married..and i'll dedicate on to you..