Monday, April 9, 2007

Graduation day

It started with me fixing my really large graduation gown which threatened to make me look entirely ridiculous. After a long wait by Mr. Montek-Planning-Commission-Valia, endless speeches sputtered with the GDP, growth rate and other significant figures and hardly any personal touches, I finally collected the fake certificate. Forgot to smile at the camera however. (Dad was most upset.)
The evening was curiouser. I lost the very thing that I had been running for department after department - the final exit form with no dues from everyone who mattered. Some more running around to fix the mess. It takes just one really big idiot to screw the process. In this case, it was me. Spoke to the really really sweet ISB staff who promised to make it easy for me. And they did too.
The founders lounge had a lot of visitors that night, including a very dazed and preoccupied me. Should've visited the nirvana rock too. Maybe barbecue by the construction lights again..
Said goodbyes in a numb way. The year has come to an end really. No more strolling around at 4 a.m., no more tea at 2 in the night, no more of that campus.

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