Saturday, April 14, 2007

the truth about stereotypes

So if I'm a Delhi girl, I must be snooty, pricey, wear brands, take exceptional care of my hair and feet, look as if I just walked out of a movie set, and be generally air headed. If I were to know the name of our foreign minister, that'd be jaw-dropping. A Bangalore person(girl mostly; men who conjure stereotypes really don't care about men) has to love rock (this one infuriates me, don't know why), be fiercely independent, extremely opinionated, not care much about her appearance, yet look like a study in casuals, a little aggressive etc etc. A Bombay girl must be ultra chilled out, posh without seeming so, a little pretentious, and a general know-how about the world around her (desirable), with a proclivity for white trousers(? or is that Delhi?). So you get my drift...All generalisations are about one or two people we know. I could name all of these women(and a man) above. As with all stereotypes, they help me simplify a lot of people by labelling them, yet at the same time, I resent any such simplistic attempts to categorise me.

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dRoZzY!!! said...

categorizing an 'andhra' dame who carries 'bangalore' in her name and is basically a 'delhite'...
quiet a tough job!!!