Wednesday, April 18, 2007

me and the irrational fear of dogs

They may look really harmless and cute...i know that pups aren't the scariest things but there's something really unpredictable about dogs( they're like men you could say). One never knows when they'll decide to follow you, or sneak up on you, or jump up on you. Personally I've not been bitten by one, but well don't let the cuteness fool you. And beware of dogs in packs, the most docile of dogs(yea even the li'l ones with squeaky barks) turn fiesty in a pack. It's usually difficult to identify the leader in the pack, but the one that barks the loudest will most probably not be it (The one that barks loudest will probably be the littlest one, that's his chance of glory you see).
I'm sure my ramblings on this subject have contributed enough diversion to your day. More on mountain dogs vs city dogs soon.

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dRoZzY!!! said...

eternal truth...
this is your third post that i am

i wish there's more like this one ahead. this one was hillarious.