Thursday, April 12, 2007

more tembblles!!

I'm actually beginning to enjoy it now. As long as the sultry weather doesn't bother me, my cousins are keeping me good company. You can't take a temple out of a south indian, even if you make her a buddhist. There's something very reassuring about the southern cities, maybe it's the jasmine.
I'm falling in love with Hyderabad too; the faint namaz sounds, the rain drenched streets at dusk, the trees and the narrow lanes, the south-indian houses with kolams and wrought iron gates, the endless rows of jasmine, the bustle of the evening bazaar, the mamis, the chai shops, the paan with coconut and cherries, the polluted roads, the beautiful sight at night of the whole city from the sloping roads at Banjara Hills, the rocks, the temples. I'm glad I'm here. Now.

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