Wednesday, April 11, 2007

travelling to appease parents, gods and others who might have had a role to play in my successful graduation!

It is so damn hot!! And the bus to Shirdi is a little uncomfortable too, my legs keep hanging off the seats. Even for a small person, I can't fit in really well. Endless queues to see a very calm and collected saint. Contrast with my hyper parents who want to get the best darshan possible. They get older, but not less energetic. I have to bear my mum's constant nudging to inch closer to the person in front and look out for dad who's run away miles ahead like a little pumpkin. In between, I catch a glimpse of the really benign saint.
A blind girl is deftly handing out change for Rs 100. She feels all the notes before handing them out.
In the evening, the dusk falls and dims out the lights. I arrive in the morning to the sounds of mridangam and nadaswaram from the nearby temple. Somehow it feels home.

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