Saturday, August 11, 2007

the great list of "those whose asses i'd like to kick"

There is no chronological order to this, atleast yet, in my head.
  • The Bengali b#$%^ from Quality who insisted that I only talk in abbreviations, and who wouldn't look me in my direction when I talked, as if no sound came from me.
  • Another Bengali guy from Quality(what's with Bengalis in Quality, so nobody hires them for any real work now eh? No offence. :-) )
  • Some people (loud Delhiites) in traffic.
  • The leery Pantry boy in my previous organisation, actually leery pantry boys everywhere
  • The cocky Punjabi kid who tried to drive my car, after tricking my gullible driver
  • My gullible driver (?)
  • Tom Cruise for the couch incident (Seriously, those scientology folk would have excommunicated him if he wasn't a celebrity), though he did not harm me in any way personally. Unless undergoing mental trauma on being exposed to extreme stupidity counts.

I'll update this soon. The list is too small for a future ass-kicker to be taken seriously.

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Ramsu said...

Does the last item on the list have anything to do with our conversation on Katie Holmes?