Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Snippets from my training session with people from a totally alien culture (that apparently annihilates grammar)

  • Don’t discuss the these things
  • We can tell you off the line
  • We want to extend our footprint on the PAN India
  • Why we are doing this, in the real life, we will not be doing this maalik
  • You are fresh, you don’t know what CR, BPMS, BCPDR, FMEA means. Everyone else knows.(So basically sod off, you’re not part of us unless you can speak this incoherent language)
  • I din got you
  • Boss, I can talk and sell. Now you tell me ki HoW I can use this e-CRM for my pro'ject


Ramsu said...

Quite nice. I remember a friend of mine writing to me about some managers' summit he attended in his company soon after joining. A sample line from that meeting: "I am not denying that there is a lack of problem."

I'm still trying to figure out whether or not there is a problem. I get lost in the multiple negatives every time.

bangalore said...'re right...left me quite confused too.
By the way, I am still thinking.