Sunday, August 5, 2007

the secret

Sounds like an English remake of a Japanese movie, right? Or is there one by the same name. Anyway, before I get off tangent (which is remarkably easy for me, I've found), I decided to capture my present state of happiness (or the closest state to self-sufficiency that I'm experiencing).
I realise I'm reasonably happy right now because
1) I started my day with a cup of filter coffee
2) I saved tens of cows, by not driving into them in the morning. Them cows need a farm, not the roads in Delhi.
3) My driving instructor is a good human being. Speaking of which, I am attracting a lot of good human beings in my immediate environment. My driver(different from my driving instructor) happens to be another one of those good human beings.
4)My parents are not pushing me to marry the next Telugu hunk with bushy moustache and a Green Card( what wouldn't a girl give to marry one of those Telugu dudes right..if only they advertised for "Maids masquerading as wives wanted for day time for raising my kids in the US" in matrimonial sites).
5) I'm learning how to play the guitar. My guitar took the shape of one of my old boyfriends and threatened to leave if I did not give it any attention. Ok ok, I made up the last part.(What's life without a little fabrication).
6) I dreamt I was running really fast. That might might be a good thing.
7) I have a lot of friends now. So flashback to the 8th grade, where kids wouldn't sit next to me.
(Ok, I might have been a little uncool, but that's still human rights violation.)
8) People seem to like me. I know that's a tenuous thing to base my good mood on, but what the heck.
So you get my drift. You should do the same exercise. It's entertaining to say the least. And when you're bummed out, you can replicate the good mood drivers. So the next time I'm bummed, I know what to do. Drive into a herd of cows.


pagz said...

I dont remeber that people did not want to sit with you back in school. Or was it the little fabrication you mentioned

bangalore said...

No no..this one is not the fabrication bit... :) but I have made my peace with my formerly uncool self.