Monday, August 27, 2007

what women want...

If you're a guy

  • You HAVE to talk to them.

  • If you cannot do that then you'd HAVE to be willing to listen to them talk.

  • Don't be too good looking. (Isn't this good news?)

  • The darker the better (ok this could be on my list)

  • If you're a little different, and proud of it. A guy with a moustache for example.

  • Wear well fitting clothes. Dress reasonably well.

  • Have a life. This does not mean that you party till you have to be taken home.

  • Have a secret identity. (Try this: Law clerk by day, crime fighter by night. Even better if you are a crime fighter in costume.)

  • The C word - Commitment. Yes blokes, sad but true.

  • Be nice to the underdogs.

  • Open doors. (For everyone)

  • Be nice to their friends...parents...relatives...dogs...parrots.

  • Keep your promises. If you say you will call, do that. Nobody likes to be kept waiting.

  • And finally, hate to say this, but playing hard to get works like hell.


Vivek Krishna said...

Agree with the last point..although it shouldn't be overdone.Needs to be finely tuned and adjusted. can be a dangerous game to play but can pay off big time;-)

Manas Mishra said...

is this just your list or a generic one?
I've been playing hard to get through out my life, but haven't worked for me yet :-)

so should playing "hard to get" works only when someone actually wants to get you? Just thought of getting this clarified ;-)

Manas Mishra said...

..and by the way is "cross dressing and dancing in bars" a cool enough secret identity for a guy ?

bangalore said...

I had to comment on the last point to clear the air. I was warned to never let guys know that playing hard to get really works. Especially guys one likes. But this is one of those truths that both sexes know about the other. Playing games is an inevitable part and I see that despite all my
clamors to the contrary, I conclude that its better to educate you than to be mad at you(ye all men). :)

That said, Manas is right, you cannot play hard to get from the very beginning. You generate interest, and then disappear. And reappear, as Vivek said, when overdone. So on and so forth.

And no Manas, I did not mean cross dressing. That is not cool :). Yes this is the result of my observations and analysis (which I never tire of).