Saturday, August 11, 2007

the veiled boast and where you go saturday night

Ever heard of the species of brags called the veiled boasts. This kind usually begins, "I don't mean to boast but.." followed by actual boast. Or it is let, in a subconscious manner, into the conversation and is akin to name dropping. Subtle stories of success, or good times mentioned in the most offhand manner. Another category of the veiled boast, is the seemingly self deprecating statement that is in reality a boast. This one goes like, "I hate going from party to party, but I have to" or "I'm freaked out, but my boss really likes my work..." (Who wants that right).

While on the topic of boasts, the saturday day night sojourn is also the object of the veiled boast category. Where you go and what you do on a saturday night is increasingly under greater scrutiny. All the couch potatoes are cursing the growing consumerism of the urban Indian. Whatever happened to the concept of relaxing without an agenda.

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