Saturday, August 18, 2007

why critics love bad movies

  • Because they need to pick a movie apart using some superlative adjectives
  • Since American Idol, various negative adjectives 'abysmal', 'horrendous', 'ghastly' have all got a new lease of life
  • Makes them feel good that they've superbly deconstructed a simplistically bad movie, it's easier than deconstructing what went right
  • Human nature- it's easier to criticise. That is why they became critics in the first place.
  • Everyone likes reading a good review of a bad movie. It's more entertaining.
  • Hate as an emotion, comes more naturally to us than any other. It also brings with it a lot more energy. It is healthier when directed to pen and paper.

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Ramsu said...

You're mostly right about this. It's definitely a lot more fun to critique a bad movie.

However, I think many people become critics because they were so in love with the movies that this was the best way of sharing it with other people.

I know I started writing movie reviews pretty much because there was a group of friends I used to go to the movies with in undergrad, and this was my way of keeping that alive when I moved to IIMC.